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Hair Extensions!

Samantha has over 17 years’ experience in the hairdressing industry. This is a lady knows everything there is to know about hair extensions. Fully trained in the latest ‘weft’ hair extensions fitting methods, Sam can create the most natural seamless length and volume to your hair. The ‘Nude Weft’ a bespoke client service using the latest, most natural fitting techniques for hair extensions. At Nude we only use the highest quality human hair, along with the most seamless, damage free fitting methods.


  • No heat, glue or bonding used in fitting.

  • Length and volume desired is bespoke to each client.

  • Colour effects can be selected; highlighted, balayage, root melt, without the need to colour your own hair.

  • No damage to your own hair.

  • Fitting and refit is more time efficient, as no glue or bonding is used.

  • Weft can be used and re-fitted for up to 1 year.

  • Long lasting styles and colour

WEFT AFTERCARE Ask your stylist about the Nude Aftercare packages available in store.


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